Brugal 1888 700ml.


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แบรนด์ : Brugal Rum


** ราคาสินค้าเป็นราคาแบบยกลัง รวมภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่ม 7% **

Bottle SizeALCOHOL
Unit in BoxCountry
18,360 Bath / 6 BottleDominican Republic



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Brugal 1888 is a prestigious Dominican rum that epitomizes excellence in craftsmanship and flavor. This premium rum is meticulously crafted using a blend of rums aged up to 14 years in American oak barrels and finished in Spanish Sherry casks. The result is a sophisticated spirit with a complex character and rich flavor profile.

Key Features:
- Flavor Profile: Brugal 1888 offers a harmonious balance of dried fruits, caramel, vanilla, and a subtle hint of toasted oak. Its smooth texture and lingering finish make it ideal for sipping.
- Aging Process: Aged in two different types of barrels, Brugal 1888 undergoes a unique double-aging process that enhances its depth and complexity.
- Craftsmanship: Each bottle represents Brugal's legacy of over 130 years of rum-making expertise, combining traditional techniques with modern innovation.
- Versatility: Perfect for enjoying neat or on the rocks, Brugal 1888 also lends itself beautifully to crafting premium cocktails that highlight its refined flavors.
Serving Suggestions:
- Neat: Sip Brugal 1888 neat to fully appreciate its intricate flavors and smooth finish.
On the Rocks: Enjoy over ice to slightly dilute and open up the complexities of this exceptional rum.
- In Cocktails: Elevate classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned or Manhattan with Brugal 1888's rich and nuanced profile.
Experience the unparalleled quality and heritage of Brugal 1888, a rum that embodies the essence of Dominican craftsmanship and tradition.
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