Kuchlbauer Turm Weisse 500ml.


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Bottle SizeALCOHOL
Unit in BoxCountry
20 BottleGermany

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Kuchlbauer Turm Weisse
“A temptation for every wheat beer enthusiast”.

The careful selection of the finest regional wheat and barley malt gives our unfiltered TURMWEISSE a bright bronze color with a hint of red tones and a rich white head of foam. Fresh fruitful notes of apricot and mandarin are combined with nuances of biscuit to create a pleasant, robust aroma. Due to a higher content of carbon dioxide, TURMWEISSE has a particularly zesty and tangy character

Beer & Food Pairings: The perfect beer for a pre-lunch drink with pretzels and weißwurst, traditional Bavarian white sausage, as well as for asparagus dishes, snacks, fish, poultry and roast pork.

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