Fuller's India Pale Ale 500ml.


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Fuller’s IPA India Pale Ale 0,5 l
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English Style India Pale Ale, 5,3%vol

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Inspired by classic IPAs of the past, Fuller’s India Pale Ale is a refreshing affair with spicy hop character. Like its 19th century predecessors, exported to the east, this pale ale too is destined for foreign shores.

Brewed for the export market, Fuller’s India Pale Ale is popular in Sweden, America and indeed all over the globe. It’s an unmistakeably English-style IPA though, brewed with a combination of home-grown hops and malt.

The details:
Style:English Style India Pale Ale
Colour:Deep gold
Smell:Soft, hoppy, citrus, earthy hoppy aromas
Taste:Dry, crisp, refreshing, orange character is followed by floral and spicy notes – leading on to a satisfying finish of mild bitterness
Malt:Crystal, Pale
Hops:Fuggles, Goldings
Yeast:Ale yeast
Food match:
Pouring a deep gold colour this crisp and dry beer has citrus, biscuit and herbal aromas. The orange, fruity and lightly toasted notes in the beer will complement and enhance the sweetness in the cheese whilst the bitterness and carbonation cuts through the creaminess and refreshes the mouth. Also great with a curry, India Pale Ale refreshes the palate while lending its own mild hint of spice.

Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast.
Producer: The Griffin Brewery, Chiswick Lane South, London W4 2QB, United Kingdom
Importer: One pint GmbH, Am Güterbahnhof 2, 24976 Handewitt, Germany

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