Hyena Howl 330ml.


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แบรนด์ : Hyena


** ราคาสินค้าเป็นราคาแบบยกลัง รวมภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่ม 7% **

Bottle SizeALCOHOL
Unit in BoxCountry
2,800 Bath / 24 BottleBelgium

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Deep bang of Belgian corianders for a unique crisp with a little tartness. Mixed with delighted mouthfeel from vanillas and bananas. A little fizz from citrus zests added. Plus a precise amount of soft foam to keep you crave more. We pour down this quality combination with out grateful passion into a hazy yellow fitting bottle that you can comfortably lift and love. Kicking refreshing smell together with the kingly taste of spices and fruits. Indulge in the finest Belgian Witbier of HYENA HOWL, and let our beer makes your day greater than ever!

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