Penfolds Koonunga Hill Retro Autumn Riesling 750ml.


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แบรนด์ : Penfolds


** ราคาสินค้าเป็นราคาแบบยกลัง รวมภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่ม 7% **

Bottle SizeALCOHOL
Unit in BoxCountry
4,500 Bath / 6 BottleSouth Australia
 Type Wine Grape Variety
White WineRiesling




Tasting Notes:
- Aroma: Delicate floral aromas intertwine with zesty citrus notes of lemon and lime, followed by hints of jasmine and honeysuckle.
Palate: Crisp and refreshing on the palate, with vibrant flavors of green apple, pear, and grapefruit. The wine's lively acidity is balanced by a touch of sweetness, creating a harmonious and well-rounded profile.
- Finish: Clean and lingering, with a subtle mineral undertone and a refreshing burst of citrus zest.

Winemaking Process:
Penfolds Koonunga Hill Retro Autumn Riesling is crafted from premium Riesling grapes sourced from select vineyards in South Australia's Clare Valley region. The grapes are harvested at optimal ripeness to capture their natural acidity and vibrant fruit flavors. After gentle pressing, the juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures to preserve the wine's fresh and lively character. A portion of the wine may undergo a brief period of lees aging to enhance its texture and complexity.

Food Pairing:
This versatile Riesling pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, including spicy Asian cuisine, seafood such as sushi or grilled shrimp, and light salads with vinaigrette dressing. Its crisp acidity also makes it an excellent match for creamy cheeses like brie or goat cheese, as well as fruit-based desserts like apple pie or peach cobbler.

About Penfolds Koonunga Hill Retro:
Penfolds Koonunga Hill Retro celebrates the heritage and innovation of Penfolds, one of Australia's most iconic wineries. With a focus on crafting approachable and versatile wines that showcase the best of South Australia's diverse terroir, Penfolds Koonunga Hill Retro offers a retro-inspired label design that pays homage to the winery's rich history.

Additional Information:
Penfolds Koonunga Hill Retro Autumn Riesling 750ml is perfect for those seeking a classic Australian Riesling with vibrant fruit flavors and refreshing acidity. Enjoy it chilled on its own or paired with your favorite dishes for a memorable wine experience.

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