Prosecco Rose Brut DOC 750ml.


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แบรนด์ : Bottega


** ราคาสินค้าเป็นราคาแบบยกลัง รวมภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่ม 7% **

Bottle SizeALCOHOL
Unit in BoxCountry
9,630 Bath / 6 BottleItaly
 Type Wine Grape Variety
SparklingPinot noir




Tasting Notes:
- Flavor Profile: Prosecco Rosé Brut DOC 750ml is an exquisite sparkling wine crafted from a blend of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes. It offers vibrant flavors of ripe strawberries, raspberries, and red currants, with hints of citrus zest and a touch of floral notes. The wine is light-bodied with a refreshing acidity and a crisp, dry finish.
- Aroma: On the nose, expect aromas of fresh strawberries, red cherries, and hints of rose petals, with a subtle citrus undertone.

Winemaking Process:
- Vineyard: The Glera and Pinot Noir grapes for Prosecco Rosé Brut DOC are carefully selected from vineyards in the Veneto region of Italy, renowned for their quality and terroir.
- Vinification: After harvest, the grapes undergo gentle pressing to extract the juice, which is then fermented in stainless steel tanks using the Charmat method. The addition of Pinot Noir gives the wine its beautiful pink hue and adds complexity to the final blend.

Food Pairing:
Prosecco Rosé Brut DOC 750ml pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, including:
- Fresh seafood such as shrimp or scallops
- Light salads with citrus vinaigrette
- Soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert
- Fruit-based desserts such as strawberry shortcake or raspberry sorbet

Serving Suggestions:
- Serve well chilled at around 6-8°C (43-46°F) to enhance the wine's freshness and fruitiness.
- Use a flute or tulip-shaped glass to showcase the wine's delicate bubbles and vibrant color.

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