Baileys 700ml.


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6,900 Bath / 6 BottleIreland


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Baileys 700ml is the world-renowned original Irish cream liqueur, known for its luxurious blend of fresh Irish dairy cream, fine spirits, and rich chocolate. This iconic liqueur offers a smooth, velvety texture and a harmonious balance of flavors, making it a versatile and delightful addition to any occasion.

Key Features:
- Premium Quality: Baileys is crafted with the finest ingredients, including fresh Irish cream, cocoa, and a unique blend of spirits, ensuring a consistently rich and smooth taste.
- Distinctive Flavor: Enjoy the perfect fusion of creamy dairy, chocolate, and a hint of vanilla, complemented by the warming touch of Irish whiskey.
- Versatile Enjoyment: Whether sipped neat, over ice, or used as an ingredient in cocktails and desserts, Baileys adds a touch of indulgence to any moment.
Iconic and Timeless: Baileys has been a favorite since its creation in 1974, earning its place as a beloved classic in the world of liqueurs.
Serving Suggestions:
- Neat or On the Rocks: Savor the smooth and creamy texture of Baileys by enjoying it straight or over ice.
- In Cocktails: Elevate your cocktail game with classic drinks like the Baileys Irish Coffee, Baileys Martini, or a decadent Baileys Mudslide.
- In Desserts: Enhance your favorite desserts by adding Baileys to recipes for cakes, brownies, and even ice cream, creating rich and flavorful treats.
Perfect Pairings:
- Coffee: Add a splash of Baileys to your coffee for a luxurious and warming treat, perfect for any time of day.
- Chocolate Desserts: Pair Baileys with chocolate-based desserts like fondue, mousse, or chocolate truffles to enhance the rich, creamy flavors.
- Holiday Treats: Incorporate Baileys into festive recipes, such as eggnog or holiday baking, to bring a touch of indulgence to your celebrations.
Experience the Luxury of Baileys:
Baileys 700ml invites you to indulge in the sumptuous blend of Irish cream and whiskey, a liqueur that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with friends and family, Baileys offers a taste of pure delight and timeless elegance.
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