Brugal Anejo Superior Dominican Republic Rum 700ml.


หมวดหมู่ : Spirits Rum

แบรนด์ : Brugal Rum


** ราคาสินค้าเป็นราคาแบบยกลัง รวมภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่ม 7% **

Bottle SizeALCOHOL
Unit in BoxCountry
5,550 Bath / 6 BottleDominican Republic



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Brugal Anejo Superior Rum from the Dominican Republic, presented in a 700ml bottle, exemplifies Caribbean craftsmanship at its finest. This aged rum is meticulously distilled and matured to achieve a rich, complex flavor profile characterized by notes of caramel, oak, and a hint of spice. Perfect for savoring neat or in classic cocktails, Brugal Anejo Superior is a testament to the Dominican rum-making tradition, offering a smooth and satisfying drinking experience that enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike will appreciate.
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